Poster competitions

1st International Poster Contest Nicosia, the City of Utopia
Deadline Extended:  20/01/2017
Link: website
FINI 2017 Festival Internacional de la Imagen
Deadline:  31/01/2017
Link: website
Concurso Cartel Ecozine Film Festival 2017
Deadline:  03/02/2017
Link: website
5th International Reggae Poster Contest 2016
Deadline Extended:  14/02/2017
Link: website
Poster Contest 2017 for the 25 Festival International des Artistes de Rue
Deadline:  15/02/2017
Link: website
Grafers 2016 International Poster Competition
Deadline:  17/02/2017
Link: website
Students, All to Chaumont! in France – Theme: Faire Signe
Deadline:  26/02/2017
Link: website
The International Poster Competition of Chaumont 2017
Deadline:  27/02/2017
Link: website
Bienal del Cartel Bolivia 2017
Deadline:  10/03/2017
Link: website
The Sixth “East + West” International College Students Poster Biennale
Deadline:  15/03/2017
Link: website
Deadline:  17/03/2017
Link: website
CHEAP festival 2017 – DISORDER, PLEASE
Deadline:  26/03/2017
Link: website
Quadaward 2016 – International Design Award
Deadline Extended:  31/03/2017
Link: website
Deadline:  Open call
Link: website
Blank Poster
Deadline: Open call
Link: website

Feature your competition

If you would like to feature your competition on our website drop us a line. We will gladly add it to the list.