Poster competitions

CPDE China Printing Design Biennial-100 posters Invitation Exhibition 2018
Deadline:  15/08/2018
Link: website
Art Moves 2018 Billboard Art Competition
Deadline: 22/07/2018
Link: website
Tenth Virtual Biennale Prague 2018
Deadline:  20/06/2018
Link: website
The 5th International Contest Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries
Deadline:  15/07/2018
Link: website
Taipei International Design Award 2018
Deadline:  25/07/2018
Link: website
The 3rd Shenzhen International Poster Festival
Deadline:  20/08/2018
Link: website
3ª Bienal Internacional del Cartel Oaxaca – Carteles Sin Represión
Deadline:  30/09/2018
Link: website
International Competition of Design – The Year of Theater in Russia
Deadline:  15/10/2018
Link: website
Blank Poster
Deadline: Open call
Link: website

Feature your competition

If you would like to feature your competition on our website drop us a line. We will gladly add it to the list.