Moises Romero

Our new Master is a dear friend to the Poster Poster family. Moises Romero aka. Playmoy is a graphic designer from Guadalajara, Mexico who defines posters as his passion and has dedicated the last few years to the study and practice of this field. Through posters, Moises feels he can express his view on issues that affect the world. For him: “A poster is a visual metaphor: brief, forceful, tempting and provocative.” His work has been selected in several poster competitions and biennales around the world, including Bolivia, Chicago, Mexico, Mons and Warsaw. He was the recipient of the Jozef Mroszczak Honorary Award and his designs have been part of Poster for Tomorrow’s Top Ten Posters in 2011 and 2013.

Moy’s Answers

We asked Moy our “6 Poster Poster Questions” and this is what he had to say:

1. What does the poster mean to you and why do you design posters?
For me it is a challenge in many ways. Posters allow me to express my thoughts about the reality that surrounds me and communicate in an effective way to a graphic language. I design posters because it is to transcend a life doing what I love to do. I bring all my passion in my work.

2. What would you say makes a good poster?
When the poster achieves it’s purpose. When the message is effective. When it stays in the mind of the people. When it becomes a symbol in the moment of history.

3. What do you think is the role of the poster on the world today?
I am 100% certain when I say that the poster can change the world. Posters capture ideas and ideas have always changed the way we see and understand the world. There are many thing that only exist in our head because we have a visual representation of an idea.

4. What is your typical design process for making a poster?
The most important step is to have something to say. First I need to read and inform myself about the topic after that I can have my own point of view and try to express with graphic. About the execution it is very important to explore new techniques and do not stay in the comfort zone.

What I usually do is to draw a quick mock-up of all my ideas. It happens that when you look at them some time after you rediscover them. They can be a good start point for creating new posters.

5. If you could chose a poster in history as your favourite, which one would it be and why?
There are many good posters especially when you review the work of different artists from different countries across time. However there is one designer that have marked me and in some way he made me want to become a poster designer. I find the whole work of Lex Drewinski exceptional.

I remember I was 17 or 18 when I went to a poster exhibition here in Guadalajara I cannot forget this poster. It was so simple in the shapes but at the same time so powerful in ideas. I just love he could transmit so many feelings and stories using just a few elements. The poster about Antonio Cleopatra designed by Lex Drewinski for a Theatre play. Since then I knew I want to create images as strong and powerful as that one.

6. What advice would you give to new designers who might want to become poster designers?
Work hard. Never give up. Believe in your talent. Respect your colleagues work and the work of the great designers and dream of becoming as great as them but always respect your own style.