United States International Poster Biennial

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11672 POSTERS EPB 2022

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EPB 2022 – Call for Posters

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C-IDEA Design Award 2021 – Call For Entries


Swiss Grid Student Design Competition 2020

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Our rights in times of crisis

Edwyn Magloire John Mirvens Medor 03 Syndia Louis et Joseph Duval 02b Melissa Beralus Robenson Jean Jasmine Pierre-Louis 02 Guylin Marcellus 02 Syndia Louis et Joseph Duval 01 Guylin Marcellus 01 Shneider Leon HILAIRE Pedy Jeudi Nadia Joseph john_mirvens_medor_gagnant John Mirvens Medor 02 John Josheter Jasmine Pierre-Louis 01

Competition: International Reggae Poster Contest

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CALL FOR POSTERS: Ecuador Poster Bienal® 2020

2020epb JURY-PRINCIPAL-2020

Competition: The 3rd Shenzhen International Poster Festival

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Competition: Ecuador Poster Bienal

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